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l_Fap_to_Mercy: I require copious amounts of healing
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Master69: Arhoangel would be the best animator ever if only he/she would do some other characters than those from overwatch.
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Arkz: Nah. He's good, but no where near Ellowas
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gachae: Arho > Ellowas. 100%. His animations are more fluid, the models he uses are better and he posts more often than once every six months.
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Anonymous1: I find Arho's stuff much sexier, but ellowas stuff is higher quality. Not that it matters with nsfw stuff as its sexy we want.

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l_Fap_to_Mercy: I think both are equally extremely talented, though Arho posts frequently while Ellowas's stuff takes a while, though it is usually VERY nicely done.
Surprised no one mentioned Yeero here, guy's amazing.