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6DarkRaven9: She gonna catch AIDS
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dnoob: TBF that dick is too small to give her AIDS. I bet she can't even feel that puny white dick in her.

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lol1234: @dnoob:
If you like black cock search porn with lucio in it, don't go crying on someone else's post because it "HAZ WHITE DICK NO REAL MAN"
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ilovebutts: we have reached critical mass
i can't tell if y'all really think this way or you're laying out the bait
it's either too subtle or too obvious and thats confusing the fuck outta me
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Prussian-Pride: @6DarkRaven9: @dnoob:
nice proxy
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majestic_117: MOAR
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aryan826: i am so confused wher all this blakc love is coming from. there was noting but anti black stuff for a long time. now the tables have turned. what is happening to the world
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uxington: progress mother fukka
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Anonymous1: @aryan826: its exactly the same cuck