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Anonymous1: perfect for black breeding. angela will have many black children.
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Heyeyo: Why is she having sex with poop?
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ShitstainMcfapmop: @Heyeyo Scat fetish has soared in popularity, and depraved fucks have wider access to the internet which they use to propagate their filth.
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Anonymous2: @ShitstainMcfapmop: The dude who finds children sexy is complaining about people propagating filth. Thats kinda funny.

(we can see your likes)
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Anonymous3: About time she got herself a real man
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ShitstainMcfapmop: @Anonymous2: interesting, considering I have no favorited images.
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Anonymous4: @ShitstainMcfapmop: I said we can see your likes. As in your upvotes.

I see the loli and shota porn you liked. And also the many many pages of downvoted interracial porn you downvoted in the past. (Is that your hobby or something?)

Most people in society would view you as being the peak of filth. So again, its amusing seeing a degenerate complaining about people being degenerate.
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REACT: the anon shitstains have no courage whatsoever, that's why they like this shitporn
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Anonymous5: mercy with an ape lol beastiality