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Uploader Rastafarian,
Tags Inkling Splatoon
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x0IGAMERI0x: Man I sure to love how this site sucks now and cant keep me signed into my account for more then a minute.

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Rastafarian: @x0IGAMERI0x: I think we just fixed that but I'm still testing let me know if you still getting logged out.

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Rastafarian: @Rastafarian: Strike that we still working on it.
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Anonymous1: @Rastafarian: Rastafarian, I was not able to PM you about issues the site has because it said "No handler could be found for the page 'pm/send'"

Besides PM not working at the moment, I experienced issues with login, tagging, site closing by popup, and redirecting.

As for tagging issue, I tried to upload a gif, and I did add tags, but it said "Lazy Tagging will get you banned don't do it" even though I already added the tags. I was informed that permission denied for this. Was it a bug?

If so, hopefully it will be fixed as possible.
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Darkness: For some reason, when I (anonymous1 as Darkness) posted comment above, I suddenly logged out which resulted in being anonymous. It was frustrating.