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Tags 3D Animated Blackjr Ivy_Valentine Soul_Calibur Sound Source_Filmmaker Taki
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34Critic: Nice animation ruined by futa.
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ProjectGenocide: @34Critic: Fuck you, what you want it to be, a dumbass strap on or replaced by a guy? ROFL fools always saying futa ruins shit. Yet I never see you clowns on stuff when its a male giving it any compliments or anything. Just want to pick on Futa content because you cant admit how great it actually is.
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DrPavel: You must be new to Blackjr
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34Critic: @ProjectGenocide: Yeah I rather see them using a strap-on. Its so much better than giving them male genitalia. I will never understand the appeal of seeing male genitalia on a female. Don't give me the bs "It's a natural woman..". You just simply love dick. I don't mind girl on girl but ffs use sex toys then.. Atleast when there is a male character it's either relatable or wish fulfillment as a male. Giving girls male genitalia is just fucked up, straight up trans porn at that point. Everone got their own quirk sure.. I'm just stating my take on this content. No need to be a cunt about it.
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shadowcrazy: lmao ProjectGenocide really PROJECTING insecurities out here
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ChaoticX: Then stop clicking on it, dumbass. Lol jeez, you people act like you have absolutely no brain at all. It's not hard to not click on it...