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Anonymous1: Jack and FemShep should be gobbling up that cock to the hilt like a good woman should. Double blowjob or GTFO bitches. There's a time for romance and a time for 3somes. There ain't no romance here. Suck that dick! C'mon Frost5561! That's how a badass like Shepard should get it. If the world was right, he'd be worshiped by at least 5 women an act. Can you even imagine getting sucked off by 5 super hotties at the same time? Shepard could do it without blowing his wad instantly. Do you know why? Because he's Commander Shepard Goddammit! He'd give each of them so many orgasms, they would all beg for mercy, then blow a 5 gallon wad, wipe his dick off on the curtains and leave'em for dead. This guy doesn't take your shit!

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Regra34Brasil: @Anonymous: I liked it ... you need a blowjob, I would do one in you if I could! ❤

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Iamricky: @Anonymous: You mean 3somes can't be romantic?