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Uploader owar24,
Tags 3D Claire_Redfield Resident_Evil Source_Filmmaker
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kasumi123: This monster seems to be really popular. What's it from and is it available on sfmlab?
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igetaroundd: The monster is from Witcher 3 and is a Ghoul^
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owar24: Here is the link. Here you can find the porn actor monsters.
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Feardayboogie: dude that mosnters is getting some
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BPH: Animated?PLEASE
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FanOfGoodPics: Dude, I'm really proud of our boys from Poland, for making characters that are so popular with you guys, at Rule34, it is amazing. That ghoul? It is like, monster right from our nightmares. That picture is just over the top. Any hope for animation?
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owar24: whitetentacles is doing the animated version
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kasumi123: @owar24: Thanks for the link, and thanks igetaroundd for the info! Looking forward to the animated version too