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aryan826: edit tag is a great idea ;) <3
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Anonymous1: Please more of this, i beg you, let us see her getting fucked in POV cowgirl and missionary style, cumming deep inside her pussy.
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Anonymous2: carrie fischer is so hot
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UnderCoverFap: This is how you audio edit a BJ!

It's NOT a slurping gag fest with sounds of vomiting, just soft slurps and moans. :3c

Great job nexus763!

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slappy1: I thought they said "set for stun"!
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AdamKovic: not a bad animation, just bad choice of model. Jesus christ she's ugly
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Zeikfried: @Adam She looks like Carrie Fisher.

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nexus763: @UnderCoverFap: If the animation shows her being unfazed by the blowjob, I'll make it reflect in the audio. I don't force the gag and choking sounds, but I'm lucky I could do it to couple of woman to know how they sound and react.