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4000: What is it with Lara Croft & dogs/wolves?

There seems to be a lot of that kind of content on here...

Was there a secret section in one of the games where Lara
used her "pussy" to subdue a pack of wild canine creatures?
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Lumipo: @4000: Probably:

>Lara is a survivor
>She is always in the wilderness out in nature
>As far as I know no obvious love interest has been revealed

I'm assuming that is a factor.
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FanOfGoodPics: @Lumipo: @Lumipo: @4000: As far as I know, this particular incarnation of "Rule 34" began with remake of Tomb Raider series. Yamatai in particular, where Lara was few times forced to fight with dogs and wolves. Then, it grew and grew, and grew...
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: Lara u dirty girl <3
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beautyjenny96: Using comment section to fav.