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Anonymous1: I'm...pretty sure that's not how pussys work
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Silverscorpionsfm: @Whatsleftbehind: GTFO there's no such thing as Toxic masculinity. The guy is adick leave that PC crap alone.
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Anonymous2: @DankBeauty: You have no fucking clue on how a pussy works. Idk, maybe go watch some "standing porn" and maybe you will come back to edit your ignorance.
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Anonymous3: Okay even a guy would know that it would bend that way going inside.
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Anonymous4: @Shishikunai Why would I need to look at standing porn when they're even standing?
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Anonymous5: *Not even standing
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Someone2000: When you insult someone else pretending not to be a virgin but don't know basic anatomy.

The angle he's fucking her is literally impossible, unless he's penetrating her Urethral. For those who don't know what that is, that's where females piss from.

Good animation nontheless. Love the facial expressions.
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Manky: @Someone2000: Nah its easily possible, A penis is not a steel rod thats welded at the base, the vagina also isn't just a hard tube. This way of penetrating also grinds harder on the walls. If you didn't know, sex isn't just about shoving it in and out for your sake...

Like shishikunai said, standing position in porn follows the exact same angle of penetration as this one.
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mal_man: @Someone2000 LOL

"The angle he's fucking her is literally impossible, unless he's penetrating her Urethral."

I'm pretty sure you don't know what a "urethral" is, since that isn't a noun. Do you penetrate "vaginals" or "anals"? If you're going to try to educate people and use anatomical terms, the first thing you might want to do is get the damn names right. I mean, not only are you wrong about the angle being impossible, but you come in here and use terms like urethral when you just mean urethra, and then you imply it's some unique part of female anatomy, when men have urethras too.

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