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Lenaid: I don't know why... /¤.¤\
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UnderCoverFap: @Lenaid Because the secret to a girl doing absolutely anything sexually to give her a wig. :3c

Girls do tend to get into sexual character when they put on a sexy wig.

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slappy1: Huh, gotta try that sometime...

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Lenaid: @UnderCoverFap: true :) Wine does the same to some extent.

the feeling when no one have found your spelling errors \/¤.¤\/

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Lenaid: *has found...? hmmm... damn it! :D
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0edd0: the text should be bigger and easier to read, but for the rest, flawless work :)
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UnderCoverFap: @Lenaid Wine and wigs, ready to lewd. >:3

B-but I can't find the spelling errors, that means you win! \^o^/

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Lenaid: @UnderCoverFap: Winning! they are easy to miss only the keenest of eye could spot them.... or me 5 seconds after I uploaded yeah... /¤.¤\
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UnderCoverFap: @Lenaid I'm too busy enjoying the lewd to notice lol. Gotta finish before I grade grammar!

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Lenaid: @0edd0: Thanks, good criticism :) I can see that Warrens speech is a bit funky