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Shine: It amazes me how fucking gay people who think they're making straight porn can be.
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UnderCoverFap: @Shine Because she has all her clothes on, the dick takes up the screen, and she's sucking a finger instead of the dick?

Am I close to your angst of disdain? O:
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UnderCoverFap: Also I like the animation FYI, I just know Shine's dislike. xD


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metrosfm: @@Shine: @Shine: i agree, because it, better than your projects.
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Shine: @UnderCoverFap: All that and mostly because of the sound, a dude whispering 'good girl' in the viewer's ear. If you're wearing headphones that shit is annoying AF. Unless you actually like having a man whispering into your ear, which I bet you and the fag who made this probably does.
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UnderCoverFap: @Shine D:

I didn't hear it the first time, probably because I didn't have headphones on. xD
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Debthrowaway: @Shine: hardcore autism alert

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dud3br0: @Debthrowaway: Yeah the guy thinks everything is gay if it doesn't adhere to his strict views. Guy is a joke.