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dnoob: Ciri is BBC only
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syko136: do black people even exist in Witcher?

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Silverscorpionsfm: @syko136: Technically yes and no ,straight up black people don't exist but might've been referenced. The only black or brown people if you can even call them that are Zerrikanian which are based off Middle Easterners with a bit of African in the books. Ofieri aren't book canon but are too the games and CDPR canon is not completely connected to the books or author(his words games are non canon to his books) take that as you will.

I personally don't give a shit it's a good pic shrugs.

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sokumotanaka: ^^^
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Sywy: @dnoob: lol no

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Sett78: @dnoob: yes ;)

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Silverscorpionsfm: @sokumotanaka: No problem man :)
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CommanderShepardlol: Imagine thinking shit colored skin is attractive.
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syko136: @CommanderShepardlol: lots of things are brown.