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UnderCoverFap: My word this story keeps getting lewder! O:

I wonder what next level debauchery is in store!


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Lenaid: @UnderCoverFap: Man! I am a horrible person xD this will become a lot worse
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UnderCoverFap: @Lenaid Well as long it stays in the lane of humiliation, then I don't mind. >:3

I just don't like death/guro. Never a fan of that stuff. D:

ALSO, really quick did you ever do a follow up to the Clementine poll based comic?:

Dying to see the next page! :D

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Lenaid: @UnderCoverFap: Death/permanent damage is not my thing, but I don't have a problem with the victim, killing the bad guy. Like fows first Tomb raider movie.

I have rendered most of the next part of the clem-comic, just need to write it and get to the next choice :P Uploaded a pic that got cut, because of the first vote /¤.¤\
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Rizendy: Man, I am really loving this series. You are the master of humiliation. You're one of the few reasons I still even come to this site.
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UnderCoverFap: @Lenaid O:

YEAH BUDDY! I'm going to check that out! Clementine humiliation is just the best AND just in time for Halloween. >:3

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Lenaid: @Rizendy: Thank you, I'm happy you like!
Maybe in the running for it :)
ff7sephiroth, Cheops, Shiftop Make some awesome sfm posters. (that sometimes make me question my skills :P )

@UnderCoverFap: But just to be clear, if you guys vote "wrong" clem dies in the comic /¤,¤\
It is the way of the game
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I thought this was just a lewd adventure game, I don't want to pick wrong choices and have Clem die! :'c

Now I am super nervous about my next vote. oAo;
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Maxcp: I hope to see more!

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Lenaid: @UnderCoverFap: That's how the game works :P Just here the is no save game /¤.¤\