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afrocrumble: DVA should have like 12 kids by now
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34Critic: Good stuff! Needs sound :)
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shimmieya: @afrocrumble: Assuming D.Va started getting creampied on Overwatch's release date, 24th of May 2016, she could have a maximum of four kids, counting a single child per pregnancy. She could only have 12 kids if she by some astronomical miracle got pregnant with triplets four times in a row. The chances of triplets is 0.13%, which gives 0.13^4 = 0.0003% chance.

It's highly unlikely.
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shimmieya: @shimmieya: To add to this:

Let's assume she started getting creampied the moment the started ovulating, which usually starts at age 12. We don't know her date of birth so we just have to use the years (she is 19), which gives 7*12= 84 months. 84/9 gives us 9 single pregnancies. Still not possible. This does however mean if 3 out of 9 pregnancies are twins, or she has one twin birth and one triplet birth, she could have 12 kids.

The chances of twins (using US statistics from 2010), is 3.31%, rounded to 3.3% for simplicity. This means 0.033^3 = 0.00004%.

The chances of one twin + one triplet birth is 3.3% and 0.14%(US statistics). Which gives 0.033*0.0014 = 0.00005%. Slightly more likely than three twin births, but still very unlikely to happen.

Also, to correct my previous post: It's 0.0013^4 = 0.00000000003%
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Seeker69: @shimmieya: I'm super impressed you've actually done all those calculations, and on top of that, on a porn site! Well played hahahahahaha
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Lenny3699: Can you help me with my math?
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mal_man: LMAO @shimmieya

fucking hero