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Bigasslover99: Her face looks like shit. Not good.
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Shadowskill11: @Qe33330: Yet you saw a thumbnail of a woman with a bunch of black cocks around her and clicked on it anyways, If Im on porn site and something happens to the filter and I see a thumb of a twink getting effed in the ass by a middle aged bear Im not going to click on it and give a closeted comment. Im going to scroll and find that gay porn I like with a couple girls going at it.
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genyatus: You know, these kinds of works make me wonder about the creator's repressed homosexuality. When so much focus goes into the cocks, you can't help, but wonder.
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Shadowskill11: @genyatus: Yet you clicked on said porn after seeing the thumbnail and cared enough to comment too. Also why would any of these artists give a shit what you think if you arent a patron?
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UnderCoverFap: Ellie looks fine, the better the 3D program the more detailed the texture. This is a pretty spot on Ellie from TLOU 2. Quit dunking on this you silly gooses, dicks make everything better. :D

That aside, I've never seen as happy than right now surrounded by all those wieners. :3c

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Revan-: @Undercity4: god who cares, pick up a foot ball
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genyatus: So when are we getting actual gay stuff? I appreciate the teasing, but it's time to be honest.