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Tags 3D Animated Blender Dina_(The_Last_of_Us) Ellie Gamingarzia The_Last_of_Us_Part_II
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JacobIsland: Pig in a blanket
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HotRettas: I always like to think Ellie as a bisexual, that she would be ok sucking a cock or two. That is the best Ellie.
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: not bad
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wesker1984: @HotRettas: In the porn parory world all the lesbians are bisexuals
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UnderCoverFap: I'm happy to see Dina get to share a juicy dick with her waifu Ellie. :3

wesker1984 Fact, absolute fact.

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HotRettas: @wesker1984: Yeah but i meant even canonically. It could be canon that Ellie is bisexual.
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thedude78: @wesker1984 & @HotRettas if you remember her with Bill's gay porn mag and reaction with seeing that guy's massive Dong it's painfully clear that she's Bi even if they don't want to admit it and yes it's definitely Canon that even if we didn't get to see it or it being mentioned in game she was clearly sucking cock from time to time probably more so before she shacked up with Dina
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HotRettas: @thedude78: My thought exactly. Hot to think about it, even though they made her pretty ugly in the second game for SJWs reasons...