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FootmanJeff: Maybe one day we'll see Abby futa
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ThisIsChris: IDK, I would fuck her. She has something.
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cremia: Dafuq bruh!? that's disgusting.

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cbj1213: I hate every feature of her. like She's anti-feminine and also cheating slut. Even villain's has the charming side but She only has the worst things.
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FootmanJeff: I don't play TLOU but the way that the sequel can enrage people is something crazy.
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oYlihan: Hideous sight. Abby looks vile and disgusting as ever.
Gotta love that 'like to dislike' ratio on Neil Druckmann's important message.

The way you missed the main controversy surrounding the game is something that I find crazy. It never ceases to amaze me how many people like you missed this event during lockdown. Naughty Dog were deceptive to their own fanbase and manipulated their target audience into thinking Abby wasn't the main character for half of the game is what ultimately angered people. But there's more to that. Rumors a month before release started to spread about bad business practises and employees that had to deal with tons of crunch. The working environment there was rumored to be toxic as well and 70% of the original crew pressumably left the studio because the head director Neil Cuckmann likes to shove his idealogy down everyone's throat, including the people he's worked with. Because of the lockdown, some employees had to rely on promised bonusses that weren't fully realized. Then when information was leaked by their own angry disgruntled employee, they immedietely tried to damage control by putting out three articles on the same day claiming otherwise, 'they'd been hacked' lmao yeah right. Then they proceeded to strike down videos on youtube like absolute retards, using a third party company named Muso Tnt. (at one point they even striked themselves) They targeted memes and bought out media coverage, ratings ect.

Here's proof that the leaks originated from a dev who had worked there.

If there's one studio that deserves to go bankrupt it's Naughty Dog. Go woke, go broke.
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syko136: @oYlihan: take a quaalude bud.
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oYlihan: @syko136:
Fuck off from this site, spamming little bitch.
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Revan-: its a porn site, stop being bitches and just look at the good shit

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Ashgrove: Lmfao, fucking snowflakes getting triggered in a porn site. Just move along if you dont like the bitch, and let the rest of us fap in peace.