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Uploader DH,
Tags 3D Animated Blender Jill_Valentine Nemesis Resident_Evil Resident_Evil_3_Remake sfm-dh Sound
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DrPavel: Ah the Sumthindfrnt routine, make it as dark as possible.
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ASK: @DrPavel: Actually, I've noticed this becoming an ongoing problem...animated pieces where everyone is fucking in the dark. And I don't know where the fascination with this is suddenly coming from. After all, it's not sexy. It's just distracting. If you're going to fuck a woman, wouldn't you want to be able to gaze at every lovely inch of her?
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LordReplacer: Lower lighting is used to hide flaws in the animation. "Mood lighting" is the general excuse.
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aryan826: well it puts me in a baaad mood :P

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DH: I genuinely do not understand this feedback. Is it a phone screen issue? On desktop screens the scene is perfectly fine in terms of lighting.
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ilovebutts2: yeah I can see it perfectly fine on desketop.