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Tags 3D Animated Ivy_Valentine noname55 Soul_Calibur Sound Source_Filmmaker
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SexyLoverBoy: Worst angle
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Harveytherabbit: Universal balance is maintained, Ivy is being fucked by lizardmen. All is well.

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kilabotngcr: other anglesssss

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Icekatana: I wonder how long it took them to evolve morning star balls?
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omnisan: Not that I'm complaining about it but is they any particular reason Ivy's so popular with Lizardman?!
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Harveytherabbit: @omnisan: Yeah, it's a weird enigma. I don't know if it's the source, but I first saw it years ago in Fighters Giga Comics Round 6 doujinshi, complete with lizardman with two dicks. Fapped to that one way back and may have sort of solidified as my favorite Ivy doujin. In a weird way that doujinshi seems to be the source since probably a lot of soul calibur peeps saw it and generated that fetish for them. I know it did for me for reasons I still can't explain.