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Tags 3D Animated Brooke_Scott Life_is_Strange Max_Caulfield Rachel_Amber Sound Source_Filmmaker pestilenceSFM
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Violence: Omitire una parte lo demas bien
- Reply
renny: Last I checked gore/snuff isn't allowed...
- Reply
Zll: Fucked up. Should take this down.
- Reply
ballin: Look at all these sick fucks in the favorites tab..
- Reply
ThatgirlColdbluu91: i'm a woman and this stuff doesn't bother me... u guys need to grow a pair, and go ahead and attack me i don't care
- Reply
theosiris: I am a woman so my opinion should have more weight behind it like my actual weight... - This is you.
- Reply
forgotitagain: @ThatgirlColdbluu91: having a vagina means nothing on the internet unless you're selling it
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Manzor: I bet most of you wouldn't care if there were underage girls here, or girls being raped. But show people dead in a fiction animation and then you have a problem. Your hypocrisy is astounding.
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syko136: @Manzor: to be fair, there is a SLIGHT difference between rape and murder.
- Reply
guploople: There is no difference between fictional rape and fictional murder. Or fictional rescuing kittens.
- Reply
syko136: @guploople: i demand those fictional kittens be rescued. i'll fictional murder you for those kittens!
- Reply
tempest6969: i find it hilarious that *this* is where users of this site draw the line lmfaooo

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