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Uploader Rastafarian,
Tags 3D Animated Beastars Blender juno Legoshi Sound twitchyanimation
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Incelebrity: please not on this website

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AvivNSFW: Thank you for this, this is amazing!

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Weewoozesty: @Incelebrity: And yet your dumb ass clicks on it, knowing precisely what it is going to be.

You're the equivilent to a vegan who goes to a steakhouse just to bitch about the place serving meat.
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Incelebrity: @Weewoozesty: thanks for psychoanalyzing me and knowing exactly whats inside my head, faggot! Yeah I totally just didnt open up the latest animations to check them out and this was one of them, I PURPOSEFULLY found the only furry trash on the site that rarely has furry shit because it would upset me.

And even if that was the case, how does that illegitimize anything? Keep this awful garbage on the other r34 site. 90% of the stuff posted there is furry and gay. Uve no idea how much decent content gets drowned out by it, if u want to see this garbage go there.
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syko136: @Incelebrity: yes, you did purposefully click it, and then leave a comment on it instead of going "ew" and ignoring it.

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Weewoozesty: @Incelebrity: I still haven't seen you intelligently refute my claim of you clicking on the video just to bitch and moan because it's all your good for.

Then again, if your name is any clue you got to come here to moan about stuff because you can't get a woman to moan for you.