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Snowman4001: NICE! we dont get enough Gargoyles!
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jackson22222: Man, I am torn. This animation is fucking glorious, but I have a policy to not get off to certain things in order to preserve even just a shred of normalcy, and unfortunately Gargoyles is one of them.
A salute to Queencomplex for making such an amazing piece, even if I can't "enjoy" it.
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wesker1984: @jackson22222: I see no problem fapping on hot monsters, demons, furries or gargoyles girls.
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syko136: @jackson22222: man that ship ailed the moment you came to this site. just jerk off to whatever gets pp hard.
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scifi: Oh dear lord! I've wanted a Gargoyle animation like this for YEARS!!!
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Twtrkenco: @jackson22222: I'd get that policy more with cartoons where the main characters are underage and you don't like to age them up to preserve your nostalgia. But c'mon, the one disney show that had an all adult cast? It's the perfect rule34 mine
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NoRules34: I remember her on my young years. 90's serie
Each time she fight man she couldnt resist to be on top on. Hunter is a perfect example hehe.