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WaifuRuler08: unlike a lot of people, i do like dina.
Specially here she is pretty good barefeet
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mehgusta: @WaifuRuler08: @WaifuRuler08: nah, it's not that. i actually liked dina, ellie and joel in tlou2 as well. it's just that the story is a crazy dumpster fire, with nonsensical descisions and an unsatisfying ending.

so dina is great, she just happens to be part of the train wreck that is tlou2
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WaifuRuler08: @mehgusta: I wasn't talk about tlou 2 story of. I was talking about her face. For a lot of people she is just ugly and dont deserve to be in the game. I will never understand these opinions az i do love the 2 games.
Cant wait for tlou3 or tlou part3
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Lolcatz: She does have a larger-than-average schnose but other than that I don't think she looks bad. I'd love to see more straight content with her.