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ASK: I'm sorry, but I've just never seen the appeal of handjob animations. In my opinion, there's just no point in even having a woman in the room if all she's going to do is something I know I can easily do myself. Just sayin'.
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oYlihan: @ASK: Okay.
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histrider: lol...
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azrin: @ASK: Cool story.
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Dness66627: @ASK:
That would mean that there's not much difference in seeing D.Va using her pussy, when one can buy a fleshlight.
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ASK: @Dness66627: Actually, you'd want to reverse that. Why on earth would you use a fleshlight if you've got an ACTUAL pussy in the room? Which, ultimately, is kind of my point.
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histrider: so then why would you want to use your own hand if there's a woman in the room
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ASK: @histrider: My point is, if I can give myself a handjob, why would I need a woman to do it for me? Especially considering the fact that, if I have a woman in the room, there are AT LEAST three far superior options.
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GroovyKing: The real point is, that it's a waste of talent and time for just a simple handjob animation.
The animation still looks good though.

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