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cumslut217: Hehe, those facial expressions! I love Korra.
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ASK: @Incelebrity: Who are you talking to?
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ASK: @Incelebrity: You mean, my friend, right? And make no mistake, she is my friend.

Plus, you sound like you've got some SERIOUS anger management issues you've got to work out.
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Twtrkenco: @Incelebrity: you're such a whiny bitch that needs to shut their damn trap. need a ball gag for your diseased brain
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Twtrkenco: @Incelebrity: people like you ruin everything and need to be hiroshima'd
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RastaTheHinafag: @Incelebrity: go back to Wokemerica, fag
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Twtrkenco: @Incelebrity: you've gotta be a russian weeb then cuz you're just a stain on humanity

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