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ASK: I can think of someone who wouldn't have a problem with this...especially if she had a dick in her mouth. ^_^
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Incelebrity: i can think of someone who needs to kill themself still. Hurry up the world is growing impatient. How the fuck are you still clinging onto your r34 comment RPing acquaintance like its fucking real? how fucking deprived of human connection are you in real life ???
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ASK: @Incelebrity: Wow, mommy really didn't hug you enough when you were a kid, did she? Do you go outside and yell at clouds, too?
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Incelebrity: ive read not one of your last ~8 replies so keep barking doggy
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ASK: @Incelebrity: Pretty sure you're lying about that. But for a disinterested guy, you seem to regard my comments with a certain amount of interest.
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SulfuricAcid_: @Incelebrity: are u serisouly telling a mf to kill himself on rule thirty fucking four yet you bark at how "deprived" they are
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ASK: @SulfuricAcid_: Relax. He's already run off to hide like he always does. Besides, did you notice how he tried to deflect my reply to him (and not well, I might add)? I wonder if his mommy really didn't hug him enough when he was a kid.