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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Animated Blender Juri_Han Sound Street_Fighter kaogum
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xtrentx: Argh, the blur...
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Phreak44444: The censor is a huge turn off.
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Fapinator: There isn't any censorship laws in North America...
- Reply
xtroller33: uncensored pls
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faggotoption: use ur imagination
- Reply
megatestchar: @Fapinator: There are censorship requirements on pixiv, even if you yourself are non-JP. It's pretty terrible.
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spalony: It doesn't seem censored to me, it looks like it's meant to look blurry because of camera focus.
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h9K8Qz7U: I suspect that any perceived blur is merely the camera focus, because this is clearly not the pixelated version.
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h9K8Qz7U: On second thought, and it's hard to see, but there does appear to be some slight pixelation in areas (discernible in the groin of the pink tights when they cross into the shadow), though I can't be certain what I'm noticing isn't just a video artifact. The preview image on the artist's site is quite obviously pixelated, which led me to assume that this was not. Is this indeed an uncensored version, or a case of someone having tried de-pixelizing the video?

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