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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Animated Blender Junker_Queen Overwatch Overwatch_2 Sound futuretist
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bm7iifow: literal heaven
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cumslut217: I actually had a hard time deciding which version I like better with this one. Normally more cocks wins hands down. But watching her pussy thrust towards the camera in the other one made me want to dive in there head first and never leave! But in the end...y'know, COCKS. Sooo...yeah, I like this one best. Still a close call though!
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UnderCoverFap: @cumslut217 This one is unique, it's a reverse pile driver for females but as a futa really makes it completely new experience.

Hat tip to the artist for this one!

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ASK: @cumslut217: Oh, I get why you liked this one. Personally, though, I have to give my preference to the other one. I mean, I like the futa genre for the same reason any guy does, but my overall rule has always been, "a dick not being used is a useless dick". If she's not gonna get to fuck with it, why does she have it? Still...that's just me.
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cumslut217: @ASK: My view has always been that any cock not being actively used in a video is there for ME to use! I mean, why watch porn if you can't enjoy it as a vicarious experience?
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ASK: @cumslut217: Well, that's a perfectly valid position to take, but that's also why our opinions differ. I mean, the whole reason the futa genre is so popular with guys in the first place is because it brings the lesbian fantasy angle to the party, while still throwing a cock in the mix, so it makes them feel like they can be there, too. But it's a little hard to enjoy it vicariously from the guy's perspective, if the cock's not being put to work. ^_^

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