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Tuskel: damn thats hot, was hoping she'd use her feet in those stockings too
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ASK: A slow burn to be sure. But that blowjob is absolutely GODLIKE when we finally get there. ^_^
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cumslut217: Worth every second! She's clearly just in love with sucking cock. She's not just trying to get him to cum as quick as she can. She's savoring the whole experience. I love when I can slow down, take my time, and lose myself in the sensory wonderland of giving a long, leisurely blowjob. First rate work!
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tempest6969: Who asked
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ASK: @tempest6969: Does it matter? ^_^
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GuiltyT: Without a doubt this one will be the next featured video
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Raul_Kraft103: This is an amazing video, good job.

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