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Uploader D10nys1us,
Tags 3D Animated Blender D10nys1us Life_is_Strange Max_Caulfield Sound Warren_Graham
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D10nys1us: 2nd part to my first project. This time I made 2 versions. Higher Res Via Source
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Jack_blue: Nice do amazing work keep it
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D10nys1us: @Jack_blue: Thank you :) I'm learning every day
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RastaTheHinafag: What in the cucking shit is this?!
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bjooce69: weakkkk
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eyetab: no thx
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SuperBlack: @D10nys1us: Was perusing videos and the second I heard the first two seconds of this song, I was like, "Wait a minute... I know this... THIS SHIT IS MY JAM!" Haven't heard this remix for a while. I think the last time was a silent covid rave a year ago. Sweet!

Didn't watch the video though, because I immediately had to stop everything and go find this song again. But @D10nys1us, I'm up voting it anyway, just for your great taste in music. Haha
And don't let any of the racist incels on this site discourage you from your journey of learning smutty animation. Do what makes you happy... or horny. Whatever. lol

For anyone wondering, the name of this particular remix is, "All Night Long", by Azteck & Afrojack. It is a remix of "Break Me", by Topic and A7S. Just look it up on Youtube. Both are amazing songs.
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D10nys1us: @SuperBlack: Thank you :)

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