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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Animated Ascendant_One Blender Iris_(Ascendant_One) LazyProcrastinator
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tempest6969: The quality is always good but starting to get kinda boring tbh
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oYlihan: Really nice physics. Don't find this boring at all.
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tempest6969: @oYlihan: I don't mean this one specifically, but lazyproc in general. No sound, mostly the same positions, 10 seconds of normal speed 10 seconds sped up. That's why I said the quality is always good because it is, the physics and the actual animation is high quality, I get that some people like how vanilla and not very adventurous his anims are but yeah, just wish he'd try something new
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Loliladle42: @tempest6969: Sound usually only gets added to the ones that really stand out, it's how LazyProc can put out so many anims
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Loliladle42: @tempest6969: But I can agree, something new could be nice, but at the same time they've found their niche and filled it