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Uploader nomoohboi,
Tags 3D Angrboda Animated God_of_War God_of_War_Ragnarok Kratos NMH Sound nomoohboi
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TheAssclowning: This is so hot
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kevinlevin: damn finally angrboda content!
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Twtrkenco: Fuck Yes! And it's anal too! Staying true to his greek roots. Respect!
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: D: spoilers! i haven't played it yet XD
- Reply
Faplord: What's the point of point of banging a girl if you go for the p00per ? Might as well bang a dude.
- Reply
syko136: @Faplord: that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard.
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Dojinshi: I mean, if she's young and virgin, it would be as tight, plus the spartan general has the duty to prepare the woman for his soldiers.
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pizzamanbilly: bout time you legend!

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