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Shadowskill11: What's more gay? Fucking a futa, a femboy, or a double or triple stuffing a girls ass with dicks rubbing on each other?
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gendur: @s@Shadowskill11: heres part you your answer
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Shadowskill11: @gendur: Why thank you. I quite enjoyed that explanation.
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Icekatana: @Shadowskill11: I don't like multiple pens of the same hole, but 2 out of your 3 examples are just men. I'll let the straightest guy here answer that. @General_Bitch, please answer this.
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incelebrity: when 2 dicks are in the same hole and they are rubbing the most sensitive side of their dicks together, yeah, figure it out
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soundtittydown: The cocks touching is the based actually
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Shadowskill11: @Icekatana: I don't trust that ones opinion. They are on a lot of gay and futa pages. Theyre about as straight as Senator Lindsey Graham.