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ASK: I don't know guys, but something tells me this series might be winding down. Lunafreya has always been one of LP's favorite girls to animate. Add to that, the fact that he did two animations of her and I get the sense he may be running out of ideas.
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scifi: Well, LP is already copying positions for different girls, so the work might get stale faster by way of saturation. Still can't fault the guys turnaround compared to some other artists who fuck off for 8 to 12 months at a time, while mooching thousands off their patreon suckers and then give the absolute minimal effort and call it a "big update"
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ASK: @scifi: Granted, but as a friend of mine once said, "If you've got internet and you're still PAYING for your porn, you're doing it wrong". Still, they're not all like that. Sure, someone like Onagi might drop off for a little while, but when they resurface again, they always make it worth the wait with a set of really good pieces.

As for LP copying positions, well, he's definitely got his preferences, no doubt about that. All R34 animators do. Still, a LazyProcrastinator blowjob is ALWAYS worth the price of admission. ^_^