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Tags 3D Animated Baldur's_Gate_3 Blender Karlach Shadowheart Tiefling bobot
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aryan826: <3
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Nathan63134: finally a karlach animation and just had to make it fucking gay
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Colonel_Mael_Radec: @Nathan63134: My guy, look at her and tell me you honestly did not expect her to get futa animations. You *knew* this was coming, and if you didn't you were kidding yourself.
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mecalise: considering how ugly karlach is, this is pretty on point
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Faplord: @Colonel_Mael_Radec: Futa Karlach was absolutely inevitable. First animation though ? Not so much. Hopefully straight versions will be out sooon.
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bodat: @Nathan63134 - How is a person with a penis fucking a person in their vagina gay?

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