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ASK: Again, I have no issue with the futa genre. But if she's NOT gonna FUCK with it, why is it there? It makes absolutely no sense at all.
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Colonel_Mael_Radec: @ASK: Because some people (like me) enjoy watching it flop around. The appeal in futa is as much to do with the girl simply having the dick as it is actually using it.
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roarger: You have a dick, too, but we don't see you fucking anyone either
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ASK: @Colonel_Mael_Radec: Actually, the appeal of the futa genre is the prospect of lesbian sex, but there's still a dick in the equation, so guys can feel like they're in on the action.

@roarger: Really? That wimp-ass line was really the best you could come up with, huh? XD

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