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Tags 3D Femshep Mass_Effect Source_Filmmaker Studiofow Wrex
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Anonymous1: I can't fucking wait.
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Revan-: cool more mediocre rape porn
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XIII: @Revan-: Pretty much S-FOW in a nutshell. I mean, credit where credit is due, it's really good animation and the models they produce are greatly detailed with flexes and whatnot, and that can be respected, but everything else is... Subpar at best.
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Skorpio: Well their new Bioshock movie with Elizabeth called Biashag will not be all rape. That's nice.
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Anonymous2: I'm fucking ecstatic for some rape porn. There's far too little of it.
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Anonymous3: I find it more sexy when the women wants to have sex, and enjoys every sec of it, and for once make the guy act like he can't handle the hotness that's in front him. Make the dude moan for once.